Pneumatic and hydraulic 90°-notch units, 63x63 mm

Pneumatic and hydraulic 90°-notch units, 63x63 mm
Punch diameter range: 
2–13 mm
Notch size: 
63x63 mm
Throat depht range: 
50 mm
Material thickness: 
max. 5 mm
Cylinder force: 
40 kN
68 kN
71 kN
80 kN
109 kN

In addition to the extremely successful press-operated 90° notch units with a notch size of 63 x 63 mm (see page 30), the corresponding notch units with pneumatic and hydraulic operation are presented on this page. Limits on the use of these units are determined by the cutting force required, see the cutting force chart, page 68. The cutting force, which results from the effective cut length and the material thickness, may not exceed the maximum power of the cylinder. The control units of the notch units have to be sized in accordance with the press-independent punching units presented on pages 38 to 41. The material support height is 85 mm. To combine these notch units with other pneumatic or hydraulic punching units (pages 38 to 41), it is necessary to install a height compensation plate (see chart) to reach the material support height of 125 mm.



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