Small presses

Small presses

Apart from presses, ips also offers the design and construction of complete working places. Thus, ips presses meet today's demands for flexible working tools which can be quickly adapted to the continuously increasing diversity of models with smaller batch sizes and shorter production cycles.
Flexible manual working places which can be customised for customer demands represent a manageable investment.
Our figures show a few of the many possible solutions.


  • Standard colour is RAL 5021 or, on demand without additional charges, RAL 7035
  • Special colours from the RAL system are available at extra charge

Special models
In spite of the large number of standard presses, there are applications requiring modification of available models in order to optimise or to even enable the manufacturing process as such.
These special models are designed and manufactured by ips presses as agreed with you.

  • Clean room models in different designs according to customer's requirements
  • Extended working height or throat depth range
  • User-specific special functions

Special options for lever presses

Fine adjustment of pressure point (PP). As toggle presses reach their maximum force only in the BDC, the height adjustment of the press head by means of the threaded spindle is often not accurate. By means of the fine adjustment, the pressure point of the press can be adjusted with precision and directly on the ram. The scale on the adjusting ring enables optical fine adjustment of 0.02 mm. The adjustment range is ±1.5 mm.
The fine adjustment of pressure points is used when maximum precision of the insertion depth is required.
Ideally suitable for prototype manufacturing and serial production,
if precise and easy adjustment within the tolerance range is required.

Micrometer limit stop (MICRO). In case of rack presses, a micrometer limit stop is used for high precision assembly work or if precise positioning of the workpiece is required. This
limit stop enables to adjust the stroke length of the press to an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

Stroke securing device  The stroke securing device for toggle and rack presses contributes effectively to quality assurance during production. By means of the stroke securing device partial strokes - and thus incomplete working processes - are excluded.
Forming, assembly or connection processes are always reliably and performed. The return stroke of the press is locked during the downstroke. Only if the stroke has been completely performed, the locking is released and the lever can be returned.
The Quick Release mechanism allows to release the locking in any position in order to remove jammed workpieces. When returning the lever, the Quick Release will be automatically deactivated.

Table bore hole (TB) The centric table bore hole serves as support for the lower parts of the tools. For all models up to a throat depth range of 80 mm, the fixation is ensured by means of a transverse locking screw.
The table bore hole enables a quick tool change and reduces set-up times. The alignment precision of the ram hole with regard to the table bore hole is

Stroke counter (C). The number of pieces produced can be quickly determined by means of the five-digit stroke counter. The number of pieces can be reset.



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