Press & Tool Concept

Press & Tool Concept

The Press & Tool Concept was developed in Switzerland by a well-known press manufacturer, and was taken over and refined by ips presses in 2008.
It now stands for Swiss technology made in Germany.
The Press & Tool Concept represents a complete press and tool range for efficient manufacturing, particularly in the sheet processing sector, for force ranges from 10 kN to 35 kN.

Quality characteristics:

Solid cast frames in C-shape with high resistance and low frame spring during punching operations enable the use of cost-effective free punch tools for many working processes.

The precise height adjustment of the bedplate of the press simplifies the set-up of Press & Tool Concept presses and increases their application range.
The standard dial ensures a reading accuracy of 0.1 mm.

The standardised tool fastening system allows changing the different tools of the Press & Tool Concept by means of a few simple steps.

Basic tool system for standard sheet processing applications such as punching, 90° bending, radii cutting etc.




ips catalogue, page 168-169

 Find this information in our ips catalogue, page 168-169  Download catalogue in PDF format