Rack presses

Rack presses

 Rack presses with round ram
APZ series, L-APZ series with extra high working height 
Rack presses made by ips transmit their pressure continuously across the complete stroke length. The direct force transmission by means of the hand lever enables sensitive working.
Rack presses are therefore used where constant force progression over a longer stroke is required.

 Rack presses with square ram
Rack presses with square ram made by ips are ideal tools for the manufacture of precise small parts with low tolerances in small and medium series where automation is too cost-intensive.
The square ram has decisive advantages compared to the round ram.

  • Absolute resistance against torsion
  • Press ram guide without clearance
  • Adjustable guide rails of the square ram
  • Large support surface for the tool
  • Tool guides are therefore in most cases not required
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation

Hand lever with ergonomic user comfort

  • Rotation by 360°: adjustment to all heights and applications.
  • Laterally angled lever: clear view of the working area and ergonomically convenient position.
  • R/L version: Easy and quick conversion for left-handed persons without loss of tool setting. Ideally suitable for job sharing at one press.


ips catalogue, page 130-133

 Find this information in our ips catalogue, page 130-133  Download catalogue in PDF format