TPC-MIDI process monitoring

TPC-MIDI process monitoring

Today, joining and assembly processes performed by presses have to be carried out reliably and, if possible, without subsequent checks.
Specified parameters which define the insertion process have to be met during production to ensure both quality and safety of the manufactured products.
Therefore, TPC-MIDI is used wherever consistent joining processes are required and process evolution has to be checked and, if necessary, recorded by means of software.
TPC-MIDI monitors the insertion process and compares the actual progress with the requirements and evaluates it subsequently. Thus rejects are reliably detected and can be eliminated.
TPC-MIDI can be used both with manual lever presses and with pneumatic presses.
In the case of pneumatic presses, the MPS-1 TPC control unit is supplied with a PLC control as higher level control for the type-tested two-hand MPS-1 safety control.
The TPC-MIDI is also available as a pure system component if a PLC environment already exists, e.g. in an automation system.


  • TPC-MIDI can be programmed via the membrane keyboard or conveniently by means of the PC software.
  • TPC-MIDI stores 8 different measuring programs
  • 3 windows are possible per program
  • Modern curve evaluation by means of freely programmable windows
  • 4 window types: Joining, pass-through and block windows as well as an envelope curve
  • Force measurement directly during force progression by means of DMS sensors developed especially for presses
  • Software for programming and storage of measuring programs
  • Documentation of each insertion process


ips catalogue, page 166-167

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